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Concrete Diamond Grinder

Concrete Diamond Grinder
Written by Sevim Aygül

A concrete diamond grinder is a necessary piece of equipment for any construction project. It’s one of those tools that every contractor needs, no matter what kind of job he does. Concrete grinding is especially popular when refinishing old floors in industrial and commercial buildings. Typically, there are certain materials that must be removed from the concrete prior to a new floor can even be laid down. This prevents the older concrete from getting scratched and damaged.




Many people assume that they can’t use their concrete diamond grinder on larger surfaces such as stairs because it will damage the grinding wheel. In reality, a small diamond cutter wheel can handle most anything that a larger grinder can. Most of these small diamond grinding units are so powerful, they’re often able to grind right through concrete slabs up to 4 inches thick without ripping or scratching them. In addition, these diamond cutting wheels come in different sizes and models to accommodate different sized jobs. With a small size model, you can grind small diameter concrete to size using a small diamond cup.

The polisher in your concrete diamond grinder should be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Although the grinder may come with a polisher already installed, you may still want to purchase additional polishers to complete the finish of your project. These polishers have varying levels of coarse sanding and finishing power. For heavier duty jobs, you may wish to invest in one of the better quality polishers available. When selecting a polisher, remember to select one with an auto-fine finish that will eliminate small dust particles from the surface of your floor while preventing premature fading of your floor.

Adhesive tape


Another thing to think about when purchasing or designing your concrete diamond grinder is whether you’ll need to use tile adhesive tape. Although both are fairly inexpensive and easy to use, some homeowners prefer to use tile adhesive because it allows them to place the grinder on a flat, level surface and apply the concrete very quickly. On the other hand, adhesive tape is easier to use when working with small, precise areas. You can also place adhesive tapes along the perimeter of the project that you are finishing.

Similar to epoxy and concrete sealers, scarifiers come in a variety of forms and sizes. These scarifiers differ slightly from other forms of concrete grinding because they not only have a resin component, but they also contain a hardening component. The hardening component improves the wear resistance of your finished surface by making it more durable and resistant to chipping and breaking. Most brick and stone tile construction projects use scarifiers in the tiling and paving areas. In addition, this type of grinder can be used to grind decorative features such as statues and sinks.


Bosch drill bits


Unlike other types of concrete diamond grinders, Bosch drill bits are designed specifically for cutting larger diameter holes. Typically, a masonry hole saw is used to cut smaller diameter holes, but Bosch drill bits are designed for cutting large diameter holes. This can be extremely beneficial if you want to enlarge a room or area in a hurry. Moreover, this can help save you time if you are trying to complete an interior or exterior home repair or improvement project with limited time.

In addition to being able to use concrete scarifiers for grinding, they can also be used for removing coatings. Removing coatings using concrete grinders is not only cost efficient, but it can also be less damaging to the surface of your stone or brick. For example, concrete removal products often contain acids that can chip away at the top layer of your stone or brick if you are not careful. However, the acid in these products can actually eat away at the top layer of your stone or brick, which will then cause the cement to erode faster.

Concrete diamond grinders are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of diamond blades. However, if you have a lot of area to excavate, this investment can pay off. If you are interested in purchasing one, you should shop around as prices can vary quite a bit. Most often you will be able to get a good price when you buy concrete grinder online. You can even save money by shopping at closeout sales.


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