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Cup Wheel for Hilti DGH150 for Concrete Grinding. Check to find more you may likeConcrete Grinder – 2022

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Cup Wheel for Hilti DGH150 for Concrete Grinding. Check to find more you may like #concretegrinder Concrete Grinder

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The series videos posted are taken from physical jobsites that customers use our diamond tools to finish the resurfacing of various conditions of concrete floors.
Our tools are classified by applications to (1) metal bond diamond grinding tools (including trapezoid segmented diamond shoes and round segmented diamond pucks) for removing old concrete or light coatings covered concrete so as to expose on concrete; (2) Resin polishing pads for polishing various solid surfaces (such as concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, masonry, etc.) to attain different effects such as honed, semi-polished and mirror-shine surfaces; (3) Coatings removal tools: PCD diamond tools-for removing old coating coverings like epoxies, urethane, polyurethane, glues, mastic, thin-set, acrylic, overlaid surfaces, and more. Our PCD series is very powerful no matter how thick the surfaces to be removed. (4) Cup Wheels-we have metal bonded and PCD cup wheels depending on the applications. (5) Bush Hammers-carbided tipped bush hammers are perfect to be used for pulverizing floor surfaces including coatings covered. The tool can quickly expose new concrete in order for next step to be easy.
Besides diamond series, we also carry adapters for diamond tools.

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